The end is nigh…

TODAY IS THE DAY…we put our film on DVD, wahhooooooo XD

Oh Em Gee!! Last week of lectures EVAAAAA! Sad Times for Dulcie and Rosie! We’ll miss y’all like the flower misses the sun. And we love y’all like a fat kid loves cake. I LOVE CAKE TOO! (we both do in fact)

Good bye x

Film progress…

Today, we added the opening and closing credits, with audio! It’s looking professional 😀 (even if I do say so myself). We are hoping to finish it this week.

London Protests, 26.03.2011

London Protests

We went to London to protest against the cuts the government are making, t’was fun. First, there was the March through London, which was pretty peaceful. It was estimated for over 250,000 people went. Then later on we went to Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus. It was more roudy there, which I think was good because people just walking around London isn’t gonna make much difference, there needs to be the threat of riots and stuff. I didn’t see anything too bad though, Topshop and some other places were paintbombed, and The Ritz was attacked quite badly, smashed windows etc. There were some fires but it was mainly smoke bombs. Hopefully there will be another protest we can go to

. I wish I was around in the 70s when there were lots more than there are today.

Setting up our AMAZING blog

Well…where to start? We are new to this malarky. The route to success appears to be through bearing all to the world (that’s you lovely people reading this!). We are in the process of editing our film. WAIT! HOLD YOUR HORSES…I have an idea! As there are two of us, we shall adopt a system whereby I (Dulcie) will write in Italics so you know it’s me. But anything in regular font is me…Rosie. Got that?

So, where were we? Well, we were telling these people about our loverrly film. It is great. There is more on it on our video page! 😀


Rosie&Dulcie in a seminar

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